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Want to start you own Business Consultant Practice?

Price: $149

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Have you ever thought of  starting your OWN Business Consultant Practice?

Here is a FACT!

There is currently a HUGE demand in South Africa for Freelance Business Consultants who are willing to Step Forward and learn a few special skills to Start a Own Consulting business or Business Coaching practice. Interested?

Then read below.

There is a brilliant opportunity available today which is part of a joint venture project initiated by the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs [].

It is called:- Stepping Forward, and it starts with a 3-part Audio Course on CD’s that you need to listen to.

That is what will be required from you because THIS Audio Course will provide you with ALL the details and background to succeed!

Here is the deal:

Business marketing practices in the world are changing at an alarming rate. We in South Africa are fortunate to be one of the few countries in Africa, if not the only one, with the technology and infrastructure to make a difference and teach business owners how it works.

TODAY you can help OUR small business owners to adapt to this global trend immediately and make money doing so!

If YOU want to make money by helping Small Business Owners then this opportunity could be exactly what you have been waiting for.

To start you own Freelance Business Consultant Practice is easy AND you will get all the tools and training you need to succeed – BUT, you will have to take the FIRST STEP.

Here is how:

Study the DEMO site of Terry Murry that you may have seen before or Click Here to see it again [Remember this is a Pure Mobile Site and it will look different but “better” on a mobile device than on a PC].

Look at what Terry does. See if you can associate with her and her business mission and goals. If you can, and you want a business that does the same things as hers, then here is your next step.

Buy your OWN SkyAir Mobile Business Card Site [Freelance Business Consultant Practice template] from this page. Place your order HERE.

On the order form, right at the bottom, let us know you want to use your NEW SITE to start your own Freelance Business Consultant Practice, the same as Terry’s.

This will help us to get the ball rolling faster.

It will still only cost you $149 (R1650) for your SkyAir Freelance Business Consultant site, as explained on this page, and you will receive it in a few days.

Your new site will look exactly the same as the one of Terry Murry’s except YOUR name and your contact details, logo’s, text, etc. will be on it.

After delivery, when you are happy with your new SkyAir Consultant Practice site, you will be requested and required to pay an additional R199 (or U$21.50) for your training package.

As mentioned above, it is called the Stepping Forward 3-Part Audio Course. You can read more about it at this URL [ ]

Getting the Stepping Forward Course is your SECOND step in the process. It is a very small price to pay for an opportunity of a lifetime. You will see!

As part of the above Audio Course, you will learn the basic skills you will need AND you will get a glimpse at “what your next move and options are” to get your new Consultant Practice Business out of the starting blocks!

Yes, you will have to learn a few new skills first, and it will take a week or two, but it’s fun and exciting.

All you really have to do is learn the ropes, follow the rules, and soon you will have your own successful Independent Professional Freelancing Business Consultant Practice right here in South Africa.

Click HERE to go to the Order Form.